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  Photo Gallery - VTAA Sunday Teahouse seminar 4 July 2004!  

The VTAA Sunday Teahouse Seminars have been very successfull over the last 4 years. Those who attend regularly should be very familiar with Sigong Chu Shong Tin's introduction to Wing Chun's body structure. It is truely an enlightening experience. The practitioner would be asked to stand naturally, then raise his/her arm to shoulder level. Sigong Chu would help the practitioner relax and align his/her body. As the body is relaxed and the mind reaches a calm and focus state, a very stable and firm body structure is formed. The person who has this structure can sustain strong pressure from an opponent without feeling any stress at all. This amazing use of human skeletonic alignment seems to work against common sense, however, it highlights an important theme of Chu Shong Tin style Wing Chun - to generate great martial power without consuming muscle energy.

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